Aerial view of Fort Collins residential area, typical along Colorado Front Range, late fall scenery

In Colorado, people are known as either "natives" or "transplants"

I am a transplant, but with a pretty well-established root system.

However, I'm hardly unique in that. There is a saying, "I wasn't born in Colorado, but I got here as fast as I could." I have lived in Colorado since I was four, so I consider this state my home. If one can hardly remember where they were before, it's probably safe to do so :-)

I grew up in Fort Collins, and attended school there from pre-school through BA at Colorado State University. Fun story: While I was at CSU the local paper ran a story about students getting around on bikes, and since I happened to be in Lee's Cyclery when they were there taking pictures for the story, my mug wound up getting in the paper. The caption read, "Scott Miller, a Colorado State University..." Not a mere student, but an actual institution! (I didn't let it go to my head.) Later, when I was an intern at that same paper, I made sure to look for errors like that.


I have a fondness for bikes that began in grade school, but really turned into a thing while at CSU, since it was so much easier to get around campus on a bike rather than drive or walk. That later turned into a couple seasons of triathalons, and a longtime passion for mountain biking.

Three Years Away

After graduating from CSU, I moved down to the Denver metro area for better job prospects.

After a couple years, I wound up in Knoxville, TN, and St. Louis, MO, over a three-year stretch. It made me glad to move back when it was all done. Not that I didn't have a great time in both places while there—St. Louis had a lot of cool architecture and the GasLight District, and I saw the largest production of Aida ever put on in North America by the Knoxville Opera Company (KOC was a client; otherwise I might not have ever gone to an opera)—but the Front Range is a hard thing to forget.

In St. Louis I worked for Waylon Co., a large agency that had Budweiser as one of their main clients. (They were located in the square building just inside the left side of the arch with the church spire in front of it.)

I moved back after having gotten what little wanderlust I had out of my system. Two years later, I met my wife. We live with our two children in Parker.